So Clare over at Clares Cosmos has a fun challenge, Share your Desktop.

On both desktops, My Work and My Everyday One, I try and use photos that I have recently shot, usually its a Landscape Photo or an object I have captured, This week I am in kind of a funk, Lots on my mind, Havent been out as much as I want to due to health and COVID and Winter, I am still having to stay home as much as possible until I can get a vaccine, and even though I am immunosuppressed, I dont qualify under Oregon Health Authority’s Guidelines as they are not prioritizing those that are immunosuppressed due to AutoImmune Disease Medications that make us at high risk of complications and even death if we were to catch COVID Per CDC. Oh Well. My opinions are a whole other post that I wont Make.

Anyway, Generations, The picture I have as my current desktop is of the 3 Generations of Cameras I own, The Middle Camera is my very first camera, The Canon AE1 Program, got it for my 16th Birthday in 1982 from my Dad, He taught me everything I know about Photography, and life, He was my Partner in Crime when it came to Photo Adventures, Or perhaps I was his Partner in Crime, Hmmmm.

The next one is the one on your left, My first DSLR that I ever got, My Husband bought it for me back in 2009 for our Anniversary, I have put many a miles on that camera and its been go to me, It is now my back up camera.

And Last but not Least, the one at the end on your right, The Canon T3, Remember I said that I learned everything I know about Photography from my Dad? yeah well It took myself and my oldest Daughter Jessie to convince My Dad to go Digital and Jessie and I and My Mom all pooled our money together and Got Dad the T3 for Christmas in 2013 I believe it was. He enjoyed using it, but had to give up photography once his health started to deteriate.

When he passed away, Mom told me to go into Dads Room and take the cameras and camera Bags, Including the T3.

I use all 3 cameras although the 35mm not as much, But i will still pull it out and fire off a few frames.

But anyway that is the story of my current desktop.

By This Journey That We Now Live .

Welcome to this Journey that we now live. This Blog will be about my Husband and Myself and the life we now live. My husband is a Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor, and now Retired. and I am a a Photographer and I have Rheumatoid Disease, Photography is the one thing that keeps me sane, it gives me peace and quiet. This blog will follow us in our journey as we navigate this life we live, Our Triumphs and Sorrows, Accomplishments and Ugh. LOL So Grab a class of Sweet Tea or Coffee, Prop your feet up and enjoy!


  1. What a beauty, Sassy! Love the cameras, the (lack of) colour, the perspective and the story 🥰 Thank you so much for sharing and joining the fun.


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