Happy Holidays

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Holiday Season, Things here are plugging along pretty smoothly, I am in the middle of going through a bunch of things left to me by my parents, trying to organize everything and finding a spot for everything. Photography wise I'm going to be going through all my shots … Continue reading Happy Holidays


It’s Just One Thing After Another…

Around here, as of lately Rob has been having blanking out issues, a few seconds up to a Minute where he's just so zoned out that he doesn't hear me and he doesnt know what happened, After doing some research and talking to a friend I was pretty sure it was Petite Mal seizures, and … Continue reading It’s Just One Thing After Another…

But You’re To Functional To Have A Mental Illness.

This is something I'v been seeing more of within the Social Service Agencies that are in charge of determining elgiability for various programs from Medicaid to Snap benefits to Social Security Disability Benefits (SSDI), It is so hard to prove that your Mental Illness(es) are significant enough to cause you issues in daily living and … Continue reading But You’re To Functional To Have A Mental Illness.