What A Week It has been

Even though it has been a tad stressful this week, I had it all under control, however Rob couldn’t help but be stressed out and anxious, and of course I feel bad for him, and I fell bad for not being stressed out about it. What happened is that on Tuesday I had went to…… Continue reading What A Week It has been

Share Your Desktop

Believe it or not, March is about over and Tourist Season has begun here on the Oregon Coast. And Over at Clares Cosmos, It is time for Share Your Desktop. Since I havent been out much yet, I scanned one of my Dads pictures that he took when we lived in the Silver Lake area.…… Continue reading Share Your Desktop

Capturing The Photographer.

You know, Sometimes photographers get into all kinds of odd positions just to get that one shot, Since I mainly shoot alone, I dont have to worry about someone sneaking captures of me in odd positions, How ever that’s not to say there aren’t any pics of it, cause I know of a couple that…… Continue reading Capturing The Photographer.

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