So Frustated.

There are times we all get frustrated with our spouses, and trust me having a spouse with a brain injury is no different. But Rob gets frustrated with himself as well, and it tears me up to see him so frustrated. Our currentnot frustration? Not being able to handle how loud the livingroom is, ive … Continue reading So Frustated.


And The Holidays Are Upon Us.

Normally, The Christmss Holidays are my favorite, it means Family, Lots of family, however this year will be different, No more get togethers with all the Galloways unless one of my cousins is willing to continue the tradition, which I hope they do. This year it'll just be Robs Family, so less stress on Rob … Continue reading And The Holidays Are Upon Us.

But You’re To Functional To Have A Mental Illness.

This is something I'v been seeing more of within the Social Service Agencies that are in charge of determining elgiability for various programs from Medicaid to Snap benefits to Social Security Disability Benefits (SSDI), It is so hard to prove that your Mental Illness(es) are significant enough to cause you issues in daily living and … Continue reading But You’re To Functional To Have A Mental Illness.