He’s So Fortunate…..

Rob that is, To have a wife that is as compassiopnate, and strong mentally as I am, and that is willing to stay and take care of him no matter what. Being married is not easy, even after being married 33 years there are still times I ask myself What the Hell am I doing?…… Continue reading He’s So Fortunate…..

A Good Start.

Well, It’s been a good start to 2021 so far, No catastrophes, everything has been going pretty easy going month, that’s not to say we haven’t had moments, but for the most part, its going good. We have had a stretch of good weather the last few days, Last weekend I was able to get…… Continue reading A Good Start.

Hello 2021

Happy New Year! The New Year has been quiet for us, no excitement, just peaceful and relaxing. Rob is going to start back with his counsoling as soon as he can get in, Tomorrow I am going to call and get him in, I can tell his anxiety is getting bad cause he’s picking at…… Continue reading Hello 2021

So long 2020, Hello 2021

And what a year it has been, Certainly not normal by any stretch of the imagination, But we have survived, We are healthy, and we have a pretty good life. 2020 started off pretty good, Rob and I were still unpacking and settling in here, about the only thing that had not been touched yet…… Continue reading So long 2020, Hello 2021