Sleepy Sunday

Its one of tho se Sleepy Sundays around here, Its rainy outside, Nothing super important to do, Nothing good on TV, So Rob went in to the bedroom to laydown and read on his phone, and ended up falling asleep, I have the Satelight on listening to Willies Roadhouse while working here in the office,…… Continue reading Sleepy Sunday

Well Hello There August.

How Nice of you to Visit us . August means Fall is just around the corner, cooler days and colder nights, Flannels, Boots and heavier coats, and Fall Photography. This year I will hopefully have my Niece with me as her and her husband will most likely be working down here yet, It will make…… Continue reading Well Hello There August.

Ok, Back To Our Journey

I know I haven’t posted anything about our day to day life in a while, and that is because I just didnt have anything to post, we really havent done anything or gone anywhere this month as we just didnt have any extra for more than 1 tank of gas this month, so we have…… Continue reading Ok, Back To Our Journey