Hello September

Wow, Hard to believe September is already here, and Fall is definatley in the air as well. I have noticed the leaves on some of the trees around here are starting to turn, I am going to possibly take a drive next week up the Trask River and see what is happening up that way,…… Continue reading Hello September

Spring Has Sprung

And with that has come not only warmer tempatures, but unfortunatly, red flag warning for much of the Willamette Valley and Oregon Coast. I already have a bad feeling about this summer, that it will be another bad fire season, I hope not, but I just cant shake this feeling. Anyway, since we have been…… Continue reading Spring Has Sprung

Life’s Circles and Curves(CBWC Circles and Curves.

Life certainly can throw you a curve ball ever so often, but we learn to overcome those situations and come out on the other side better and stronger. In Photography there are circles and Curves as well, you have to really see it though as most of the time it doesn’t dawn on you if…… Continue reading Life’s Circles and Curves(CBWC Circles and Curves.