Wow It’s Already June.

It seems as though this year has gone by quick, Here it is already June and I haven’t done near as many Photo adventures as I wanted to.

Now that it is summer and the weather is starting to improve here on the Coast, I am starting to get out a bit more, although just staying local as Gas prices continue to rise it tends to put a damper on the fun stuff.

I have been trying to get Rob to go out with me and he constantly has an excuse to not go, It is starting to get frustrating and worriesome, I know hes not saying anything to his counselor, and I have no way to email him and clue him in on what is going on.

I plan on going down to Lincoln City when I get paid again, the floats are back, what they are is a glas blower created these beautiful glass floats and he then leaves them along the beach in Lincoln City, its a neat way to spend an afternoon beach combing and seeing if you can find one, here’s an article about it Finders Keepers is back June 14 (

I hope to be able to go down and check it out, there are also a few places along the way I would love to check out as well, perhaps even if he doesnt want to go, Chrissy and I will go.

So as I said, I have been getting out a bit, last week I went out to the Air Museum that use to be a WWII Blimp Hanger, just prowled around the old base there and got a few captures of a abandoned building, a train and a rail car, I also checked out the remains of Hanger A, this hanger burned down in 1992, but in the late 1940’s and 1050;s it housed a Sawmill that My Grandfather helped build and get running, and since I am working on the family history stuff, I thought it would be nice to have a pic of the remains of that particular hanger, plus a shot of the front doors of the air museum.

Probably wont be out again until next week, the weather Tomorrow and through the weekend is typical of the Oregon Coast, Drippy to wet throughout the day.. But on those days that its dry, I will definatley be out.

So for now, you can enjoy these captures.

Cape Mears Beach

Sunset at Cape Mears

A Heron that I spotted on the way back from Cape Mears.

these are the cement supports that held the wodden trusses that was the interior shell of the Blimp Hanger.

An abandoned building on the base, probably was an administration office back when this was the Naval Air Base.

Front Door to the Hanger

By This Journey That We Now Live .

Welcome to this Journey that we now live. This Blog will be about my Husband and Myself and the life we now live. My husband is a Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor, and now Retired. and I am a Rheumatoid Arthritis Warrior and a Photographer, it is the one thing that keeps me sane, it gives me peace and quiet. This blog will follow us in our journey as we navigate this life we live, Our Triumphs and Sorrows, Accomplishments and Ugh. LOL So Grab a class of Sweet Tea or Coffee, Prop your feet up and enjoy!

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