A Bit Of This and That…

Today’s Blog consists of a bit of this and that, It has been a couple of weeks since I have actually sat and worked on this, and so today is kind of a catch up day.

So Here goes, Last week I was able to escape for the day with our Daughter Chrissy, we had not been able to just hang out and explore together since she moved down here so we took advantage of the day, Went down to Oceanside and Netarts area, did some exploring, caught a few good shots of the waves during a super low tide that we had that day, and then went out to Big Tree boardwalk up in Rockaway beach, It was a good day for the two of us.

Rob had a couple of days last week that were a bit rough, we both ahd overslept and he didn’t get his meds on time, so due to that he had issues the next couple of days, Now I set an alarm clock to get us up no later than 7:30a.m.

Today is another Gorgeous Day, Unfortunatley it is also Infusion day, so all adventures for today are off, the only places I am going is to my Infusion at the Hospital , Fred Meyer to pick up some Prescriptions that are in, and to see if they have any pole fans on sale yet, then coming home and crashing in my recliner with either my tablet or a good book, and Queen Gracie.

Hopefully Next week will be better weather wise so that Rob and I can get out and explore more, I want to explore more of the local beaches, Especially Oceanside, I want to go through the tunnel over to Secret beach aka Short beach, can only be done at Low Tide though so we shall see.

Rob is suppose to start seeing a new Counselor today, earlier this morning he seemed to not want to go, we shall see what he says when its actually time to get ready, I keep telling him that he wont get disability without records that he is going to counseling on a regular basis, that was one reason he was denied the last time, We shall see how this goes.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and having a spouse with a Traumatic Brain Injury, Mental health issues are a part of life now, Access to mental health services is so important, especially during this pandemic, the lock downs, and isolation that so many TBI survivors are dealing with have really increased some of the mental health issues that not only survivors have to deal with, but their spouses/caregivers also deal with.

I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week, Get out there and explore!!

Just chasing the super low tide this day.
Super low tide at Oceanside, Oregon.
BigTree Boardwalk, Rockaway Beach Oregon.
Just waiting for times to get better. Stacked Picnic Tables at Tillamook County Fairgrounds, Tillamook County, Oregon.
Coliseum Theater, Tillamook, Oregon.
Coliseum Ticket Window.

By This Journey That We Now Live .

Welcome to this Journey that we now live. This Blog will be about my Husband and Myself and the life we now live. My husband is a Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor, and now Retired. and I am a Rheumatoid Arthritis Warrior and a Photographer, it is the one thing that keeps me sane, it gives me peace and quiet. This blog will follow us in our journey as we navigate this life we live, Our Triumphs and Sorrows, Accomplishments and Ugh. LOL So Grab a class of Sweet Tea or Coffee, Prop your feet up and enjoy!

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