Shiny Things (CFFC)

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Well, Cee has done it again, another fun challenge, this time its shiny things.

Since we are in the midst of a pandemic, I have not been to any car shows since 2019, So I had to dig into my archives for these photos, Hopefully we will see car shows and cruise in make a come back, not only are they a photographers paradise, but they are alot of fun to attend, for me especially if there are classic and antique motorcycles included since its a good chance I will know the owner of a classic or antique bike.

Here are a few images I have shot over the past few years.

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By This Journey That We Now Live (ONE TBI Wifes Journey and More)

Welcome to this Journey that we now live. This Blog will be about my Husband and Myself and the life we now live. My husband is a Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor, and now Retired. and I am a Rheumatoid Arthritis Warrior and a Photographer, it is the one thing that keeps me sane, it gives me peace and quiet. This blog will follow us in our journey as we navigate this life we live, Our Triumphs and Sorrows, Accomplishments and Ugh. LOL So Grab a class of Sweet Tea or Coffee, Prop your feet up and enjoy!


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