Photography Then & Now( Thank You Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Cameras, photographers or equipment)

Photography today is nothing like it was when I started out with my Dad, Back then it was Film, and No One was concerned with the spread of any virus, there was no 6′ social distancing, Today not many people still use film, and of course we have COVID-19 and Social Distancing, My My how things can change literally over night.

Life can change in an instant as well, And for families of Brain injury Surviviors life literally changes in a heartbeat, even if the TBI Survivor appears normal upon release from the hospital, I am here to tell you that life will never ever be the same, It might take a little while for you to begin noticing things, but you will, the survivor might seem different but you can’t quit put your finger on just how they are differant, their mood might be off, or it might be more pronounced and most definatley noticeable that the survivor is differant.

Life with a TBI Survivor is certainly a journey that not many spouses stay on, but those of us that do, we certainly feel alone at times, thats where my Photography comes in, It gives me peace in midst of the Chaos that is our life at times, I can be out in nature and feel so at peace, and you will eb suprised at what you can capture. 

The Pictures below show the changes in Photography so far, From the first picture of My Cameras, The Mamaya, to the Canon Ae-1, to the two Canon Digital Cameras.

to the Photographers Must haves of today in the era of COVID-19, Camera, Mask, Headband in case you have’t been able to get a hair cut yet, Phone for Checking for last minute updates as to if where you are going is still open or if it has closed suddenly and Plan B needs to be enacted.

Just like life, Plan “A” doesn’t always pan out and sometimes you need a Plan “B”.

By the way, The Garage sale went great, Rob and I both made a few bucks towards our next Photo Adventure that will be perhaps tomorrow or Monday.


COVID Photography Must haves
Photographers Kit in the era of COVID-19
IMG_0775 (1)
Past to Present

Published by: One TBI Wifes Journey

Welcome to One TBI Wifes Journey Blog. In this Blog you will be able to follow us on our Adventures on not just the Oregon Coast, But all over Oregon as we explore the area around us. I am Sassy, My husband Rob is the TBI Survivor, Yes It was a Motorcycle Accident, and on January 24th 2015 at about 3:30pm our lives changed in an instant forever. Now Rob is retired, He can no longer handle the pressure of a job, and we have moved to the Beautiful Northern Oregon Coast, we love it here. This Blog details the frustrations, the Joys and the sorrows of our lives, the frustrations with the medical community with how TBI Survivors are treated, To bring awareness to issues facing those in the TBI Life, both survivors and their spouses, caregivers, families. So, Follow us on our Journey in the life of a TBI Survivor.

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