And The Holidays Are Upon Us.

Normally, The Christmss Holidays are my favorite, it means Family, Lots of family, however this year will be different, No more get togethers with all the Galloways unless one of my cousins is willing to continue the tradition, which I hope they do.

This year it’ll just be Robs Family, so less stress on Rob and less commotion.

Anymore, Rob just can’t handle all the noise and commotion that comes with holiday get togethers, after a bit it just gets to be to much for him and he has to go outside for a bit.

However I am going to try and get Rob some oil for his vape pen so he can take that with him and when he gets to agitated he can stop outside and use that to calm down.

And it’s not just the holiday season that is upon us, it’s the cold, damp dreary weather that the Pacific NW is famous for that is upon us as well, fewer photography adventures, more time indoors watching TV and planning out next years Adventures.

For now though, we’ve got to get through tomorrow without me completely breaking down as we are inturring my Mom and Dad finally, Dad has been gone since early March and Mom just hadn’t gotten around to buying the vault out at the cemetery where the are to be inturred, then Mom passed so suddenly and had to deal with the aftermath of her death, get stuff rolling with the executor to the estate and finally 2 months after mom passed we will be able to lay both of them to rest together.

Thursday Rob sees his new primary care dr, I still have to sit down with Rob and make a list of things to talk to the dr about, plus I need to do a little research and see if absence seizures are normal in TBI survivors, cause Rob and i think that’s what’s happening when he zones out for a minute and doesn’t hear us or even know it’s happening .

Today however, laundry and finish cleaning off my desk, get files wrapped up and get a folder started on my external hard drive for this years raw files, and transfer all of this years edited files over as well, plus I need to start thinking of what shot’s I want to have as my “Best Of 2018” and have those shots in my “Featured Photos” album on Facebook.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and productive week.


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