Another Denial.

Yes you read that right,We got the appeal denial in the mail Saturday, At first Rob didn’t take it to well, but after I explained to him that it doesn’t mean he cant get it period, it just means another hurdle to jump in order to prove his disability, and that the best way to do it is to go up in front of a judge so that the judge can see just how bad he is.

Rob has not been doing good since getting the denial letter Saturday, in fact today I am really worried as he says he is feeling numb and detached, but yet I can’t get him to call his counselor and tell them to talk to me,  and they keep losing the paperwork that we turn in every appointment that tells them to talk to me,  and  now that he is having issues and can’t/wont tell them he can’t get the help he desperately needs, Thanks HIPPA.

Things have been so crazy around here,o Still dealing with my parents Estate with the Executor who is also dealing with his Dads estate, what is comical about this is that our Dads were Brothers and had a common love of all things John Deere and Tractors, My cousin Mike pulled me aside at his Dads memorial service Monday and told me he had found a bunch of Tractors in a box with My Dads name on the box, unsure if these were Dads tractors or what, so I told Mike that the next time I go out to the house I will look on Dads list and find out. Ugh, Thanks Dad! LOL

Anyway This has taken me 4 Days to get this far due to how crazy things have been this past week, I guess that’s what you get when you take off for a few days and have fun LOL.

Last week Rob and I took off back to the beach for a couple of days, Rob hung out at his sisters house both Days while I went out exploring and getting some Photo Therapy. I tried to get Rob to come with me but he just does not want to go anywhere, It really bothers me cause I am not one to just sit home and do nothing, I love the outdoors, hiking, camping, photography, and these are all things we use to do together, but since he had to medically retire, he rarely goes anywhere with me, and I hate that he is missing out on so much.

Well shoot, I guess I’d better wrap this up, It’s already Wednesday, and I need to start thinking of another blog post for Saturday LOL Gah!

Enjoy the Pics and Have a great rest of the week everyone.


Yaquina Bay Lighthouse. Newport, Oregon


Proposal Rock. Neskowin,Oregon


Tillamook Rock Lighthouse


Waves At Indian Beach


Indian Beach




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